2017 Recipient

Bob Johnson

        Doc Wilson Award

          Doc Wilson
          Robert Jarvis
          Emment Martin
          Ralph Loritz
          Dorothy Fell (Markham)
          John Sidbeck
          John Broihier
          Nancy Rich
          Odie Ferris
          Karl Scheel
1998   Roger Bassett
1999   Bob Magnuson
2000   Ken Dahl                               2001   Robert Meade                         2002   Ron Whittaker

2003   John Kauffman                            2004   Jim Vandement
2005   Bill Egan
2006   Janelle Crowley                     2007   (Not awarded)
2008   Steve Theodore
2009   Sheila Chalmers Currin
2010   (Not awarded)
2011   (Not awarded)
2012   Myron Petrakis

2013   (Not awarded)

2014   Linda Failing

2015   (Not awarded)

2016   (Not awarded)

2017   Bob Johnson



the doc wilson award

The Doc Wilson Award Intro

The Doc Wilson Award was created by the Illinois Fire and Police Commissioners Association in honor of A.C. “Doc” Wilson, a long time member of the Des Plaines Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, and a past president of the IFPCA.

For many years Doc Wilson was Chairman of the IFPCA Seminar Committee, and as such he was largely responsible for establishing the strong training programs that have become such an integral part of our seminars, both in the Commissioners Training Institute and the General Sessions.

This award can be given annually to any person who has advanced the cause of fire and police commissioners in Illinois.

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